søndag den 31. juli 2011

Sunshine Award!

Since I have been awarded the international Sunshine Award, I will write this post in english. First off all I want to send a huge thanks to Frk. Fine for electing me among all the lovely bloggers. Thank you so much! I truly feel honored and really appreciate the gesture. Please make sure to check out her wonderful blog with lovely nail art designs :)

So now I must follow the rules that comes with this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you this award.
2) Write a post about it.
3) Answer the questions below.
4) Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers who I feel are worthy and send them a message to let them know.


A) Fave color: I like a fresh color like blue. That is definitely the color that I am most comfortable with.
B) Fave animal: My dearest cat, Kitty! I just love HIM (Yes, he's a male). I truly am a cat-person!
C) Fave number: 11. Don't know why but I have always felt that this number gave me luck.
D) Perfume I am wearing: Kenzo Amour. My absolute favorite!
E) Something that identifies me: That must be my long natural nails, although they're not as long as usual at the moment.
F) What is my passion?: This one is easy. Nailart and everything that includes nail polish of course!
G) Would you rather get or give presents?: I love both! I love the feeling of making someone happy when they recieve something from you. It makes me feel like a good person and their reaction is just so joyful. But I must admit that recieving present is just as good as giving! Guess I can't run away from that.
H) What was the last eyeshadow you wore: Black & white eyeshadow from Dr. Hauschka.
I) Favorite day of the week: Friday and Saturday. Let's play "The Lazy song"!
J) Are your nails painted now?: Of course they are! And I will soon show the current design that I am wearing.

And now to the fun part! These are the wonderful blogs that I have chosen. They truly deserve this award for making such great posts for us readers. They are listet randomly below:

1) Blingernails
2) Konad and Me
3) Nail art by Iris
4) Diava's Lacquer Box
5) solensdanserinde
6) NailArt and things
7) GildedNails
8) Nails by Desiré
9) Polish 4 ever
10) Nail Utopia

6 kommentarer:

Iris sagde ... [Reply]

Thank you very much that you give me the sunshine award. I'm really happy with it.



Kejal sagde ... [Reply]

Theresa, Thank you soooo much. This is the first award given to my blog ever!! I really appreciate it. Thanks again!!

Fingers sagde ... [Reply]

Congratulations on your award!

Theresa N. sagde ... [Reply]

@Fingers Thank you :)

Fingers sagde ... [Reply]

I have no idea what brands are there! Send me an email through my contact form of things you want to swap! I like dark colors-NO glitters! And what brand do you want? email me!

Eva en Anna sagde ... [Reply]


Nice blog!
Follow each other :-)?

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